How To Go From 0 - £5k Per Month Sourcing Properties In Just 90 Days 

Learn how to find property deals for free and then pass them
​ on to investors for a cash lump sum.

  • Thursday, 21st Feb 2018,  at 7:30 pm

Discover the 3 essential secrets to earning money from sourcing properties 

  • Finding Properties 

    Discover the exact way that Sarah was able to find her first property using a completely free Website in her spare time.

  • Get Landlords to Say Yes

    Learn the right questions to ask property owners to get price reductions agreed and a win, win for you and them.

  • Sell Your Deals to Investors

    Learn how Sarah gets investors clambering to buy her property deals at £3k - £5k every time so she never has to sell them. 

Meet your presenter

  • Sarah Poynton-Ryan    PROPERTY SOURCING EXPERT

    Sarah has gone from nothing to building a very successful business finding property deals for other property investors around the UK. She managed to bill almost £100k in fees in her first year whilst spending a month travelling the world with her husband. 

What do people think of this free training?

Fantastic Webinar, thank you Sarah. Had no idea you could do this without having to buy the houses yourself. Amazing!

Claire Campbell






Very informative Webinar and a real eye opener Sarah.

I plan on doing this so I can leave my full time job ASAP!

Tom Allen






This is definitely something I want to get into so I can build up a deposit to buy a place of my own. 

Thanks for the information I can't wait to get started.

Ruben Collins